• Ph.D. in Economics (2003)  - University of Alcala (Spain)

  • Master in Finance (2003) - CIFF (Madrid)

  • B.A. in Economics (1995-1999) - University of Alcala (Spain)



  • Computational Finance Lab (2000-2003) – University of Alcala.

  • Assistant Professor of Finance (2003-2007) - University Carlos III.

  • Associate (Tenured) Professor of Finance (2007- ) - University Carlos III.

  • Academic Director of the Master in Finance in Business School ESCP-EAP (2008-2009)

  • Director of the MSc in Finance in University Carlos III (2011- )

  • Deputy of the Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial (INDEM) (2010-2011)



  • Visiting PhD student, Villanova University (Jul-Nov, 2003)

  • Visiting Professor, Institute for Research in Advanced Financial Technology (IRAFT), Villanova University (Jul-Aug, 2005)



Book Chapters

§         “La evaluación de resultados de Hedge Funds” (2007), in Nuevas Alternativas para la Inversión Colectiva: Fondos Cotizados  y Fondos de Inversión Libre, edited by Lex Nova SA.

§         “La inversión colectiva frente a la inversión personal directa” (2006), in Instituciones de inversión colectiva y mercados financieros, edited by Lex Nova.SA.

§         “Seasonality and Performance in Spanish Mutual Funds Management”. (2006), in Mutual Funds: an International Perspective, edited by Palgrave Macmillan.

§         “The Critical Line Algorithm for UPM-LPM Parametric General Asset Allocation Problem with Allocation Boundaries and Linear Constraints” (2006), in Risk and Portfolio Management: The New Frontier edited by Palgrave Macmillan.

§         “What Drives Information Dissemination in a Continuous Double Auction Market?” (2005), in Proceedings of the Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE), edited by IEEE Pres.

Refereed Journals

  • "Management Sub-Advising in the Mutual Fund Industry" (with R. Rodriguez y R. Zambrana). Journal of Financial Economics(forthcoming). 
  • "Idiosyncratic volatility, conditional liquidity and stock returns" (with J. Malagon and R. Rodriguez), International Review of Economics and Finance, (forthcoming).
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  • "Risk Forecasting Models and Optimal Portfolio Selection" (2005) (with Paulina Marco and Ignacio Olmeda), Applied Economics, 37, 1267-1281.

Other Publications

  • “La Coasimetría en los Fondos de Inversión” Revista Bolsa de Madrid, (2007), 161, 64-70.
  • “Mercados de Agentes Computacionales” Revista Bolsa de Madrid, (2005) January, 138, 63-65.
  • “El Efecto del Euro en las Bolsas Europeas” Boletín ICE (Información Comercial Económica)  (2002), 2715, 21-28.
  • “Empleo de Medidas de Performance en la evaluación de Fondos de Inversión”. Revista Bolsa de Madrid, (2003) Feb., 58-62.

Working Papers

  • “A Genetic Algorithm for UPM/LPM Portfolio Optimization” (2007)